Hot Full Carousel is Joomla module that acts as an endless carousel. It can occupy entire space of the screen, no matter how big it is. What's achieved by this? Well, users with higher screen resolution usually have a lot of empty space when visiting a website that has a regular width. This Carousel can span the entire horizontal space making the site more interesting. User can oversee the slide that's about to come, and also those that's passed over the screen recently. Using the navigation, user's able to browse through the slides. There are several types of easing that can be applied to the scrolling animation. Also, some or all slides from the set can be linked. It's possible to have up to 20 slides in the rotation (more is not recommended because it could slow down site). For every slide we have a "slot" in the module parameters where we can assign image, heading, text and optionally link.

This module should be placed in a container that has width set to 100%. If you are using another template, make sure that's your case, otherwise, the module won't be able to occupy the entire space. If you are developing your template using Sparky Framework, you can make a row, add a class name of your choice to it, and then give set this class' width to 100% by editing CSS stylesheet. However, in Hot Cinema template everything is pre-configured, so you don't have to worry about it (especially if you installed the template using the HotStart method).

We believe you will find this module useful for your site!

All buyers of this template will get Hot Full Carousel module FREE (regular price is $15).

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Ten years ago when monitors usually had resolution about just 1000 pixels wide, talking about full screen websites didn't make sense. However, these days when we use at least HD resolution (1920 pixels wide or more), websites based on regular width of about 960 pixels looks somehow small, shy and frugally on our screens. Hot Bokeh template is based on design for which we believe that looks nice on all screen sizes, including the largest ones. Beside the features explained so far, Hot Bokeh template also has many other advantages.

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